Old speakers in 62 Fender Tremolux, need swapping?



I have a fender Tremolux from january 62, all original except the normal cap, resistor and tube jobs.
I wonder if the speakers would need to be changed after a so long time, i imagine the material of the cone is dry and that it changes the tone, and that it's also more easily breakable.

I have no experience with old speaker like that. Is that possible that they need ot be changed and that my amp would sound better if i did? like old tube and caps need to be changed regularly?
what are the sonic characteristics of old speakers?

For information, the sticker on the back has the upper half in blue and says 'jensen special design' (see here : https://plus.google.com/photos/1179...s/5797673690287677841?authkey=CPaq7vaZ1L-tpgE )

I'm curious to have any informations on this.


they look like more modern Jensens and not vintage. There are many good choices both new and old for that amp. Do your reaserch and make a choice.
Speakers can and do make a huge difference for better or for worse.
For that amp olde jensen P10Ns or C10Ns are good choices. Either orig or reconed by a reputable reconer. "P" designates and Anilco mag and "C" is a ceramic mag. Dif characteristics. Go to Webers web site. THey have some good generic speaker info.


good luck

BTW....if you like the way it sounds then do be to hasty to change them out...


Those Jensens are 1970s era, they are OK, but not the best sounding.
I think they suck, I have 4 of them sitting here uninstalled.
If you really want to enjoy your amp and get the best sound,
I have the 10" Celestion Gold/40 watt ALNiCO speakers in my
1961 EL84 Tremolux. Mine is only a single speaker amp, but the speaker
is so much better than most out there.
The spectrum is vast, from deep Bass to the mids and the highest highs,
what a nice speaker.
A little expensive as they are mad in England and not China.

The Celestion Gold speakers hold their value and are easy to sell
to get most of your money back, keep the original box and plastic bag
that comes with them.

Whatever you decide to buy, make sure you get the 8 ohm speakers.



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