Oldschool classic rock pedalboard


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I got my guitar, a Warmoth modern tele with Barden pups, this thing is awesome! It has sustain and resonates for days! It was one of my guitar teachers personal (built by him) guitars, he has used it in hundreds of pro gigs. He let me play it and I fell in love with it, took some time but I talked him into selling it to me, he wanted to buy a new guitar and it just worked out. I sold my $3000 custom shop strat to keep the tele, much nicer guitar! My amp is a Louis Electric Princetone, awesome amp! I had a few highend amps and this is the keeper! So now Im working on a small classic rock pedalboard, early Stones, Zeppelin and ZZ Top, early AC/DC, you get the picture, oldschool stuff, like me. I have a cpl pedals right now, Alchemy Audio modified Ibanez TS-9, a Timmy and a Lumpy's ZII on the way. Im getting a 1 Spot power supply soon. What else do I need for a classic rock board? Or am I good to go?


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For everything you listed except Zep, you should be good. Maybe a fuzz if the Lumpy's doesn't get you there...

For Zep, you're probably going to need a phaser and/or delay, as well. And for classic rock in general outside of the bands you listed.

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