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Need your words of wisdom.

Found a used Omega modded Blues Deville 212 today and had a chance to play it. Has Canibus Rex speakers in it. Sounded like it was really down on power when compared to a regular Fender Blues Deville 212. The clean channel sound good, just weak. Is there supposed to be a noticeable difference in the volume being weaker after the Omega mod and speaker change? The amp sounded smoother overall, just a huge difference in volume.

Next, the overdrive was supper great and supper smooth, but the problem was that the amp rang like a cheap doorbell with the volume on the guitar turned all the way down. Tapped the tubes in the back, and we changed out the first position preamp tube, and that did not solve the problem. Checked the power amp tubes and this thing has NOS Jan Phillips tubes in it.

Once again the amp sounds great, but it sounds way down on power compared to a new Deville 212. Would this be a power tube issue I'm describing, or should I just stay away from this amp? Any help would be good.


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the C-Rex is a dark speaker and this might have to do with perceiving lower volume compared to the stock speakers.

that was my impression when I tried one out in a Carr Rambler.

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