OMG!_Look what someone gave me last night!!!


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I have no idea how old this oscilliscope is but there are some major pulls in it.

Funken, amperex,rca, ge(mullard I think)
There has to be like forty to fifty tubes in this thing. My camera sux so I couldnt take good photos but, this is like a gold mine

Its mostly full of ecc88(Amperex, funken)-how much are these worth I wonder?
There seems to be two rca rectifiers in it. All of these tubes are New looking pulls!!!

There are about four ax7's in it, 3 GE (got to be mullard from the construction)
2-rca 7025


Im still finding tubes on this thing, just got it from an engineer at a club last nioght and took some of the tubes to work. This thing is so heavy!!


Im in heaven- And, I ordered two rft ax7's from kcnos tubes should arrive today- I dont even care!! thats bad!

:dude More to follow...


If they test new or good, on eBay?

Many Amperex were made ay Mullard factories for one thing. Check to see if they say made in Great Britain.

Good Amperex on eBay can get you $25-$50 a piece depending if they are mullard made or not and if they test good or new.

Telefunkens will get you $25-$75 each depending on if they are smooth plate or ribbed and test good or new.

Mullards still have that stigma and indeed, IMHO, they are the benchmark preamp tube. They can start around $30 each and skyrocket to $75 each if tested new and the labels are still good.

Some people are willing to pay $100 or more for a NOS or NIB Mullard. I would for the right amp and the right tube(s).

After all, tone, however subtle the differences and all the nuances, is worth whatever I can afford . . .


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iT DIDNT HAVE THE PROPER CABLE to plug it in(im sure I could hunt one down)Do you think this might be worth something to someone? Im mean like a couple grand or somethin? This cant ship. Its got to be 100lbs, but Im assuming it was working. Each slot is labeled so it can be replaced easily. I couldnt help myself.

Okay, Two ax7's are def. GE. I can tell by the rainbow mica and plates.

3 funken at7's mint

At least 20 crystal clear amperex ecc88

And nestled deep inside was this one tube..hmmm. lno label from what I can see (bare naked)but...,huge halo getter , wait this looks IDENTICAL to my blackburn ax7's yes it has to be In cherry condition-just one!!

a bunch of longer thinner ones(not sure since I dont use em)-ill post more pix tonight

And just got my NOS rft ax7's-I lied these are very cool. Im just dying to go down to my jamspace now.

full report tonight!!!!

:dude :dude

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