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On Line Jam and collaboration Software/apps/sites ???


I've been tasked to find a cross platform way of continuing a friends weekly get together. Up to a dozen folks would get together and look at their iPads and play songs "together". I was invited and did a few for the social nature of the get together. Met some nice folks but I'm a stage musician so the iPad thing was more than a bit weird for me.

Anyway I told my friend I'd research and see if I could help, honestly this seems like a great way to get these nice folks away from looking at their iPads and do what musicians do, look and listen to their fellow players and use their ears and eyes.

One of the apps or sites mentioned was JamKazam. I haven't taken a look yet, thought I'd try TGP community first for some direction and experience.

I do appreciate any and all help, one request tho, let's stay away from talking about the reason all this is necessary in the first place. I'm have a bit of an issue and really need to limit my intake.

Thanks all!!


I'm not sure about music collaboration apps, but there are no good apps for jamming online because there is too much latency over the internet.

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