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On Loan from the Seymour Duncan Forum


Hello all, my name is Hunter and I am a P90holic.

I go by the same username at the Seymour Duncan Forum.

I play a '96 MIA Strat, a 335, a PRS SE Soapbar, a Guild D30, and a Squier '51 that I recently upgraded everything on that wasn't made of wood. I have a Jackson too, but it's up for sale. I also have a P-Bass that I am playing more and more every week.

I gig once a week and have some university education and plenty of experience with audio technology and all things related to miking techniques, sound reinforcement, signal routing, mixing, etc.

I live and work in the D.C. area where everyone drives carefully and the people are oh-so friendly!

Hello everyone!


Gold Supporting Member
Hey dude I'm from the Duncan Forum as well... SD was my first online forum, so it holds a special place in my heart! haha.

TGP is a great bunch of guys. Super passionate about boutique stuff. Much attention to the small details in a rig and gear.

To give you an idea of how cool TGP is: My guitar student's amp broke, and I was looking to buy him a cheap distortion pedal. Before I know it, everyone who read the thread is donating money for a new amp for the kid, sending me free pedals for him, and showing their support. Before you know it, we had enough money raised to get him a decent 1x12, and a fully loaded pedalboard of free pedals.

THAT, to me, sums up The Gear Page. Even though it's really, really big, there's alot of support and friendliness.


Thanks everyone! I'm glad to be here.

RockStarNick --- I enjoyed watching your last build, what a great finished product! I figured there'd be a few crossovers between SDUGF and here.

I look forward to sharing information with you all --- cheers!


Welcome, there are lots of people (like me) who frequent both the SD and the GP forums.

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