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One amp to play blues, classic rock, 80's hard rock


If you could choose one amp that would cover all 3 territories, what would it be? Preferably $1500 or less, 50 watts or less, and something I can try (so no builders, clones, etc). Head or combo is fine. I play mostly an American Deluxe Strat with HSS pickup configuration. Thanks!

I like blues like Kenny Wayne Shepherd, Sayce, SRV, Bonamassa (so with some dirt to it, but the ability to clean up).

Classic rock like Zep, Black Sabbath, Aerosmith, Hendrix, Stones.

80s rock like Scorps, VH, UFO, Ozzy, Nugent

EDIT: NO PEDALS, all gain from amp.


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Just played the new Mesa Rectoverb 25 and it fits the bill. Especially if portable but still fairly loud is important. That new speaker rocks IMO.


You could try a Marshall JVM 50watt combo or 205H head, lots of options there for different styles of music and would be within your budget especially used gear.


That is a lot of territory to cover with one amp. It is hard to get the Fender clean tones and the Marshall dirt in one amp. An out of the box sollution would be a Randall MTS amp. The MTS amp have separate preamp modules. You could get a Super Reverb module and a Marshall module and switch between them. I have one of these and they will cover all that territory and do it very well. (these amps are discontinued but are still well supported by third party vendors. check them out at the MTS forum. http://mtsforum.grailtone.com/viewforum.php?f=12 ) You could be all in on one of these for less than $1,000 and they sound great.

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