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One Board for 2017

Kev O)))

Gotta wire some stuff up but I'm in. Picture soon.

Behringer VD-400 >> BOSS SD-1 >> DBA Fuzz War v.2 >> MXR Micro Flanger >> BOSS TU-3

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la noise

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I am not naive and/or delusional enough to participate
in this thread.... I know myself too well. ;) Besides, boredom
sets in all too easily, coupled with unlimited and immediate
access to all the gear the world has to offer.

May the Force be with you all. Awww... hell... the Force
probably doesn't want anything to do with One Board,
One Ring, One Empire, or One Anything. ;)

Now can I post a pic of my board with nothing on it. :D
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This idea comes up every year and I'm pretty everyone fails miserably :D
Yes, but the fun is seeing how fast we fail. :)

I know, it's a futile gesture, probably, for most us. Sort of like losing that last 10 pounds (or 20 or 30 or 40 or ... ). Or finally getting out of debt. Or really making it to gym three times a week. Or ... you get the point. New Year's resolution stuff.

But ...

I have gotten to the point this year where ...

... I like my drives.
... I like my delays.
... I like my chorus.
... I like my reverbs.
... I like all my other tone shaping and shifting stuff.

My rig sounds great. And other than a few pieces of uber expensive unobtanium (Providence Delay 80s chief among them), there really isn't that much that I'm super interested in.

Could that change? Sure. In a heartbeat.

But, for right now, today, I'm pretty ... content.

It's weird. And nice.

And I like my board.

So here I go into a NPD-free 2017. (At least for as long everything I wrote above is still true.)

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