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One board, one rig, for 2019


Silver Supporting Member
2018 is drawing to a close and I’ve yet to see one of these pop up just yet.
I plan on making a few changes coming up, but other than that, I plan on keeping a pretty constant setup.

my plan is some fancy custom length patch cables, and a different flavor of reverb, nothing too extravagant.
I’ll post a pic once it’s all sorted.


Good luck. I was thinking I'd make a similar pledge, but then I remembered NAMM is only a few weeks into the year.
Is this like a New Year's resolution, in that we're expected to break it before January ends?

I plan to make some changes (new amp, new guitar, and, definitely, some pedal updates), but nothing is carved in stone, yet.


My gear budget is kind of tight at the minute, and there's nothing I've been dying to get, so... nothing exciting for me I'm afraid.


I just really started trying assembling my guitar setup recently, as I have concentrated on bass as my main instrument for many years, though I started out originally on guitar.
However I have found back to my first love now, and plan to focus mainly on guitar again.

That also means that my current gear is somewhat lacking, so I am probably going to get myself some peadals a little better suited for what I had in mind with my guitar tone.

At some point I was pretty hooked also getting a new guitar, but after having set up my cheap Epiphone SG Special, which is the only electric guitar I own currently, and have played more on it I actually found that it feels and plays nicely, actually sound quite good as well, even with the cheap stock pickups, after I adjusted the the height of them and going through my EHX Black Finger, that I run with very light compression and mainly functions as a tube preamp, and my 8 band graphic EQ, then through my cheap Fender Champion 40W solid state combo with a 12" build in.

So I'll probably stick to my SG and maybe just upgrade the pickups with a Dimarzio PAF 59 in the neck and a Super Distortion in the bridge and then perhaps getting a bit more powerful amp, though I think I'll stay solid state.
Ideally I would like a Roland JCM-120 Jazz Chorus amp, which I have had before and was very pleased with it's amazing crystal clear clean sound and great chorus and vibrato build in.

As for my pedals I am considering several options, either just buy a Zoom G3Xn and few more suited dirt pedals than the ones I use currently, which in conjunction with the pedals I already got would make a quite sufficient pedal setup, or go all individual pedals, which would mean a couple of new better suited dirt pedals, a chorus, a vibrato, a reverb and a delay (preferably Grand Canyon), which in conjunction with the EQ and EHX Black Finger that I use as always on main tone shaping pedals, and my cheap but actually great Behringer tremolo pedal would make a sufficient pedal setup for me too.
Finally a third option is getting a Line6 HX Stomp and make that the heart of my pedal setup in conjunction with a few of the pedals I already got.


My rig stays the same mostly. I am however going to pick up a super reverb next year to run with my ac30. No pedals or guitars but I will buy strings and maybe a wiring harness

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