One Control Basilisk


Bumping this old thread. I finally received this device and am very confused. I would love to find a manual or basic information on the steps to program it.


Ya gotta wonder what the designers were thinking. ITRW, first you need to select a patch/preset (PC#), then you send a CC# to control a parameter of the Preset. This thing sends the CC# first, THEN sends the PC#. Never mind if you want to control more than one parameter. I also didn't see any mention of setting MIDI Channels (OMNI?), which kind of limits the usefulness of sending multiple PC#s. Other than that, nice device.

FWIW - The stock FCB sends (at preset load) PC#1-4, then 2 CC#s (per FCB preset, not per PC# transmitted), then PC#5, then 1 NOTE message. With UNO chip it can send 12 CC#s at preset load, same order of PC, CC, NOTE message, then the values assigned to the 5 "Stomp" buttons (2 CCs each). Either chip allows you to send the messages on separate MIDI Channels (Global). The new UNO2 chip will do pretty much whatever you want it to do, but actual programming with a simple programming language (similar to "C" IIRC) required.

The FCB is bigger with it's two expression pedals, clunky and sort of ugly, but virtually indestructible. Not trying to sell you one, just pointing out differences in features.


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Hmm, that's strange, the link to the pdf on OneControl's page isn't active, just an image.
Pretty sure that's where I downloaded it from, according to the properties says created in January 2019.
Oh, heck, just get a Morningstar MC6 for a few more bucks. You'll be happy.

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