One day Ima gonna grab one of these.


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Vintage is a term used by dealers and sellers to drive the prices up towards vintage instruments.

I have a 79 strat, a 73 strat an 83 strat an 88 strat and a 64 strat, only one is truly vintage. The others are not.

As time marches forward, it should not be used to drag a seventies strat into the same category as 50,s and 60s.

If anyone would like to offer me vintage money for my 73 , 79, or even 83 strat feel free.

To me vintage does not qualify if your guitar is twenty five years old , or older. The vintage era is defined by a period in time that was from the 50s and 60s regarding electrics.

If I look back to the seventies when I bought new guitars, none were ever referred to as vintage then, or should be now.

If it makes you feel good then fine, I will be accepting offers of 15-20 k for my vintage 73 strat

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