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One guitar? Two guitars? 27 Guitars?


Supporting Member
i am a confirmed Tele guy. I do not ever see me not owning a Tele, or a Tele not being my go to guitar. That being said, I’ve acquired a few other models, like a lot (most?) of you. Along with my two teles, one standard, one Bigbsy, I have a strat, a Jaguar, a p90 LP, and a Grestch hollow body. The Gretsch has been with me for about ten years now, but the Others have all been less than two years.

today when I was playing, I decided to put down the #1 tele, and play all my other guitars. I was disappointed in all of them, one way or another. Whether it was the feel of the LP and Jaguar, or the tone of the strat and Gretsch, they just fell short. It was the first time that I’ve been let down by them, and maybe not coincidentally, it’s been the first time I’ve played any of them in months.

so. I’ve been thinking that maybe I should just move them along, and grab another tele or two, or three, with different features, like HBs or a baritone. Or maybe just another standard tele but a “better” one.

anyone else ever get to this point? What did you do? I’m internally debating whether it’s just some kind of Covid boredom, or a genuine disinterest in the non-teles. I’m not a recording musician, where this or that guitar would be the right guitar for the part, so I wouldn’t “need” the sounds from them.

just trying to figure out if what I’m going through is a normal process or some kind of rut. I’ve had a lot of different guitars over the years, and moved some here and there and usually for a solid reason, not this wholesale dissatisfaction.

i appreciate any insight you have


When I'm in the mood to plan an LP, everything else is going to feel disappointing. Same goes when I'm in the mood to play a Tele, or a Strat, or a 335.

My interest in any particular guitar will wax and wane, and it'll be on to the next one. It feeds my GAS and keeps things interesting creatively.
You dig what you dig man, nothing to overthink.

When I grab an underplayed guitar, I have to remind myself to tweak the amp to dial it in for that specific guitar. I had to learn this because I would often be disappointed when changing guitars.

I don’t have any duplicates, although my Custom 24 Floyd and Standard 24 are close in specs, way different in feel and tone.

Rock what rocks you.


Gold Supporting Member
You shouldn't be comparing the other guitars to the #1 tele, you should appreciate the different things each guitar does (unless they are all just duds :dunno).

My collection has been purposely accumulated in an attempt to own virtually any type of guitar and/or pickup to achieve the greatest variety of guitar sounds. A Mustang with phase switches is a very specific tone, as is a P90 guitar, or a dual humbucker, etc.

If you approach guitars as tools that serve individual purposes, you'll probably better get along with a variety. If you want every guitar to sound like a tele, well, that's a recipe for disappointment and you're better off just keeping a tele or two (who am I kidding, everyone needs lots of teles :p).


Silver Supporting Member
Rule #1: Whatever keeps you playing.
Rule #2: See Rule #1.

I am always interrogating my guitar brain to see if I can still learn from a given guitar or if it is time to move it on. I find it healthy and helpful; but you have to really know yourself and be ready to move on.


I don't think you need to justify your feelings. Go with what you heart says. I have many guitars, and I'm not sure any of them are #1 but any of them could be. They all have different strengths and weaknesses and I appreciate that in each one of them. Those differences help inspire, help break plateaus, open new directions and often so much more. It's like having a box of a few crayons versus the big ol' 120 box. Lol.

But that's me.

Do you. :)


Supporting Member
I've accumulated enough guitars with different features (wood, pickup, bridge etc.) like 3waytie4last so I switch to amp (and cab) collections. I've found sometimes I just have to find the best pairing of guitars and amp to get a tone that pleases to my ears. Maybe give your non-tele guitars a second chance?


Clouds yell at me
Silver Supporting Member
I started with one! I stopped counting after about 10. I probably had 27 at one time, Fewer now but still a good number.

I’ve been playing one in particular a lot more, a 335, but still like to play my Tele, LP, and Strat somewhat regularly. A couple of others I pull out once in a while, enjoy that but the first four I mentioned are the core. The 335 and the Tele would I’m pretty sure be the last two if I chose to or had cut it down to that. I’d be okay with that.


I've got 22 guitar (I think). I definitely have my favorites but they'll all have a certain area that they cover. I'm an eclectic guitarist, I just did a record where half the guitar sounds are indistinguishable from keyboards. I like to work from a very wide palette.

The the guitars I used the most on my record were a PRS Studio, a Gretsch 5622t, a Rick Kelly Custom with Duncan P-Rails and a Rick Kelly Custom Baritone Tele. Oh and a Variax 600 fitted with a Roland midi pickup.

Some people are looking for "that sound" and that's o.k. I'm always looking for weird surprising sounds, both approaches are valid.


most likely to seceede
Gold Supporting Member
I have 4 tele styles (no Fenders) and a 65 Melody Maker. I'm not exactly real sure where the Gibson is right now.


Silver Supporting Member
Oh I just sell stuff I haven't used in, say, 6 months. Don't play/use it? Put the money towards something you will use. Maybe that is One Tele to Rule Them All. Or maybe it is a better amp.

Honestly, I couldn't see myself owning 27 guitars using this approach. I own about half that and I could add a couple and I could probably move a couple along. Otherwise I spend too much time playing the guitar/amp tech rather than playing the guitar. :)


Silver Supporting Member
Recently moving all of my prized possessions by 3 car loads to a friends to outrun PNW fires, that neatly did the prioritization of what my 'have to keeps' are. Prioritization it took impending fire in order to perform and seal. I intend to sell off everything in car loads 2 and 3... life has gotten way too complex....and it is too short to stress over 'stuff'.


Silver Supporting Member
During this period of Covid 19, and as I grow older, I've begun to think I have too much gear. When I was gigging regularly I didn't really consider it. Now that I'm not, my last show was Jan 24, 20, I think about it a lot.

I don't keep track of the number. I started to make a list in my head and thought I had it together, but then I remembered some important guitars I hadn't remembered. And, I tend not to think about the ones stored in the garage.


All my guitars are different, keeps me excited to play. Different guitars for different purposes. But who cares what I like, if you know you only like Teles then just play those, nothing wrong with that. If I was told I could only play my Tele for rest of my life, all good, Teles are great.


Supporting Member
Lots of varied opinions, exactly what I was hoping to see, as they support my pros and cons for both sides.

and confirms I’m not going nuts