One guitar? Two guitars? 27 Guitars?


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Thanks everyone. All your answers have been insightful and helpful.

going to do a lot of thinking and playing over the next few days.

one of the things that has been pervasive in buying the non teles was the thinking That I needed the Gretsch for rockabilly, the Jag for surf, and Buddy Holly had a start, so I need one, etc. With the exception of surf, I havent found anything I play that the tele can’t do as well As the others. There’s something about the Jag and strat that do surf much better.

and Feel, I have yet to play a guitar that feels as right in my hands as a tele.

im beginning to think a few different teles are the best bet for me. A 12 string, maybe a baritone, maybe a HB. But I’m questioning the need to have what I do.

thanks everyone!
@3waytie4last Makes an excellent point.

My guitars are intentionally different, and when I grab a different one, I’m grabbing it precisely because it doesn’t sound like the one I just played.


You ever date a lot of girls but look at that guy who's been with the same girl for years on end and they look so happy and functional together and you wonder why you just can't get it right and think about whether toxic masculinity or your own childhood issues have kinda made relationships especially difficult or nigh impossible for you because of your fear of limitation or fear of commitment

wait no scratch that analogy

ever look at how some guitar heros play THAT ONE guitar forever? Like Willie Nelson and Trigger? You have that with the Tele. Now move all the other guitars along.

There's just something so romantic about sticking to one guitar.

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I question whether you’ll like the Teles you replace the others with any better than the ones you sell. What if deep down you’re just a one guitar kinda guy?


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I think there's two reasons to have multiple guitars:

1. Act as a true backup for live use, very similar to your #1 guitar in terms of sound and feel. If you aren't gigging heavily you probably don't need another guitar like your #1.

2. Have something purposefully different, either for a different sound, different tuning, or different inspiration. That can be multiplied based on whatever you are after.

Personally, I have two guitars I play far more than the rest. My #1 is a PRS CE-24 kept in standard tuning, and my #2 is a Charvel DK24 which is kind of similar but in Eb tuning. I have three other guitars that don't get played much. If I just stayed in standard tuning I could probably just have one guitar and not worry about anything else.
Tele players!

I digress

Recently moving all of my prized possessions by 3 car loads to a friends to outrun PNW fires, that neatly did the prioritization of what my 'have to keeps' are. Prioritization it took impending fire in order to perform and seal. I intend to sell off everything in car loads 2 and 3... life has gotten way too complex....and it is too short to stress over 'stuff'.
Ever consider moving away from the west coast?

I went years with only having one or two guitars and a bass. Then, I started accumulating guitars here and there, some by plan, others by simply running into deals that were too good to pass up. Until recently, I was up to 16 guitars and basses. What I've learned is that I would rather have fewer instruments that are of great quality than a closet full of ones that are okay, but are mid-quality instruments. I'm headed back in that direction right now - I recently sold a couple of instruments that I simply wasn't playing and I'm going to keep doing that until I'm down to ones that I actually play and I'm not going to part with. After that gets done, I may buy 1 more guitar and 1 more bass and then I'm going to stop buying.
No your not.

Me? A Junky? Just one?

I'd like a...........
Suhr Reb Beach spec but in HSH & a nice figured Koa top
Suhr Pete Torn spec but with a trans flame top
Suhr Custom ? ** ^? Basswood/F Maple top/R Maple Wenge?
Suhr Aura
Grosh Electrojet Ice Blue metallic/trans guard/Alder/Maple RW
Grosh NOS in Oly White. Maple neck.
TAG Angel ?
TAG 80s/90s early Stype.
PRS McCarty
D'Avanzo custom spec ** Thinking Korina body/neck/Wenge FB HSH OFR or Edge
Schecter custom spec * Wenge/Koa? R Maple/Ebony?
James Tyler Caramel Cappuccino SE Rear Route Alder/Maple RW*
Ibanez Jem 77FP** Mint for investment
Ibanez Jem 77BFP**
Ibanez Jem 77GMC*
Ibanez Jem 77WDP
Ibanez Jem 7BSB
Ibanez Jem 7RB
Ibanez Jem 10th
Ibanez JS1000 Red
Ibanez JS Donnie ** Mint for Investment
Ibanez RBM2 *
Ibanez S970RW ** Neck to be swapped over to my EGEN8.
Ibanez RG1070FM *
Ibanez RGPCMLTD *** Cool woods used
Ron Kirn Super Tele. **

* most wanted

Terry Mcinturff SuperSuper Strat **** but $$$$$
David Myka

1960s Gibson ES335
MaCarty era Les Paul Lemon burst
Pre-CBS Stratocaster

The Holy Grail search.
Valley Arts Mac & Cheese... Need leads on it's location.

Oh & have
Ibanez EGEN8 Works but needs a P/P vol
Fender Strat HM 89 Needs trem posts redrilled
Ibanez Jem 77FP Needs major neck surgery or another neck.


I have about 30. Seem to pick up 2-3 per year. I have a dozen hangers on the wall but typically keep 5 guitars out at a time. Usually 2 single coil guitars, 2 humbucker guitars and 1 guitar tuned down a 1/2 step. You can never have too many guitars.


Philadelphia Jazz, Funk, and R&B
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When I consider selling something I play it even if I haven't in a long time. Frequently I realize why I bought it in the first place and decide, despite the economic necessity, not to sell it.

Others, I immediately realize I have no real interest in playing and put it up for sale.

Some I'm torn and go back and forth, play them, put them up for sale, play them again, deciding I really like it, and take down the listing.

I've been playing since the sixties so I've weeded out most of the guitars I don't like that much but yes, over the years some guitars have fallen out of favor.

But I can't remember feeling "wholesale dissatisfaction" with everything but my favorites. The guitars I have that are not my three favorites all have a place.

For example, my Les Paul Junior is my "Mississippi Queen" and I only play it when I want that tone. As much as I love my Strat and 335 neither one do what that guitar does. Same goes for a few others.


One day maybe I'll have a room full of guitars, but right now I'm in a minimalist phase in my life. I don't want a bunch of stuff tying me down to one location. I have one guitar that I wouldn't use for firewood if I was cold. My PRS S2 Satin. Love that thing. Its started to relic itself after years of playing, and it gets better sounding every day.

If this is the only guitar I own for the rest of my life I could die happy, but ideally I'd like to have a couple others. A strat that stays tuned down a half step, and something that I could keep in an open tuning to finally learn some slide. See a trend. I hate tuning my guitars. Well not the little tweaks here and there. I'm actually really picking about intonation and it seems like once I change the target pitch of string it takes a while for it all to settle in to its new home. I'd rather have a guitar live in a certain tuning than be constantly changing.

I can't see myself reaching for a different guitar everyday just for variety. I'm the type of guy who finds one dish from a restaurant that I like and then I always order the same thing when I go there.

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