One more Saturday recommendation...Keith Emerson!

Discussion in 'The Sound Hound Lounge' started by TNJ, Feb 18, 2012.

  1. TNJ

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    Jan 7, 2002
    Granger, IN
    And Marc Bonilla!
    Live in Moscow...the DVD.
    If you're a fan of Marc or Keith or yourselves a favor and GET THIS DVD.
    They do some of the great ELP (both Palmer and Powell) hits, including Lucky Man, Tarkus, Nutrocker, and Touch and Go.
    And just as good are the tunes from the Keith Emerson Band CD a few years back...the arrangements are mind blowing, and Keith hasn't lost a bit of his genius. Marc is the perfect foil as guitarist extraordinaire and vocalist in the best Greg Lake tradition. The man holds his own.
    Get your hands on this'll not regret it.

  2. Comet01

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    Dec 11, 2008
    I love Marc Bonilla. His is an incredibly melodic shredder ... and a very nice guy! I was amazed how well Marc covers the Greg Lake vocals.

    Gotta love Emerson's Moog Modular synth!
  3. KLB

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    Feb 9, 2002
    West of the Sun, East of the Moon
    In 1977, I was lucky to get a last-minute ticket in the front row looking right at Keith Emerson. He was amazing all night. I'll never forget him facing the audience, with both hands madly playing keyboards to each side, while chewing gum and smiling!

    This was after the wildly amusing opening incident when they came out playing Peter Gunn, and a photographer ran up to the edge of the stage on the floor and begin firing off flash photos. Keith was wearing a Moog Modular keyboard around his neck like a guitar, the one with the long skinny left hand handle for controlling modulation and such. Keith sneers at the guy and starts shouting at him, points the skinny end of his keyboard at the photographer and, WHAM, starts shooting flames at him! The poor guy ducks under the edge of the stage to avoid getting burned. Meanwhile, Keith is laughing his ass off and running around the edge of the stage trying to get the guy, while he's simultaneously playing Peter Gunn. We could feel the heat from the flames. I'm sure it was all staged, but it was funny and started the night with a bang.

    Those were the days!
  4. AD

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    Jan 6, 2002
    I've been listening to the Live in Moscow album for the last few days.....what an album.....track # 2 "Piano Concerto 1.." is an unbelievable tour de force. The new originals are also great.

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