One (MXR/Boss sized) modulation pedal.


If you had ONE "standard size" spot open on your board and could only put one modulation pedal in it, what would it be?

I'm looking for options of pedals that have a lot of Mod effects in one (but not the Mooer sized stuff), or if there's one pedal that really covers a lot of ground just in the knobs.

What say you?

EDIT : I fully recognize the responses saying the Zoom and SA stuff, and it's certainly interesting. I should have been more specific in saying I'm not looking for something with any kind of digital interface. I'm actually moving from the Empress Nebulus and I'm looking for dead simplicity.

So with that in mind I'm looking for a really simple, knobs only pedal that covers a lot of ground without needing a computer or smartphone.
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I'm torn between my Boss CE-2w, and my Belle Epoch, but delay seems to be its own category nowadays.

CE-2w covers a lot of ground from pure CE-1 Vibrato to Warbly CE-1 chorus, to some phasy Subtle chorus.

Love it


Right now I use an old DOD VibroThang. I also have a clone of the Mooer that's OK. The DigiTech Ventura Vibe seems interesting.

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If we can tolerate a little fudging in the dimensions, here is my $0.02



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Source Audio One Series (Gemini, Lunar, or Mercury) will do chorus, phaser, flanger - in stereo (or not, as you like). Also has a basic trem.
Out of the box, Gemini is a chorus, Lunar is a phaser, Mercury is a flanger
Any of the three can run any of the others' modulation algorithms. (So you can make and save a flanger or phaser preset on a Gemini, etc.)
Six presets on-board, a bit of work with the free iPhone/Android app is needed for deep parameter editing, and to load algorithms from other mod pedal types, e.g., putting a flanger patch onto a Gemini.
Standard size pedal with side-mount jacks.

Their Orbital Modulator has most of the One Series algorithms (maybe all - it DOES have multiple of each of chorus, flanger, phaser - and the trem)
It's mono, not stereo, but does have complete parameter control from the face of the unit.
Two presets on-board.
The Orbital is about the width of a standard pedal if you include a standard pedal's side jacks (Orbital has top-mount).
Some people are turned off by the form factor.
I say let your ears make such a decision :)
I have the mini analog man chorus with a three way voicing switch and blend knob. Covers a lot of ground beautifully. It would be really difficult to find something else that good.


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I read some bad reviews about that Waveland, how is it? I've always wanted to check it out.

I have the Ventura Vibe in this role, and it's a little tweaky, but great once dialed in. The ADA PBF Flanger would also be a good choice.


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Personally if i could only have one mod effect and it had to be that size it would be the whirlwind orange box.


Yeah, I immediately thought of the Zoom MS70CDR. The chorus sounds alone on it are just outstanding. The options for modulated delays and reverbs just add to the goodness. I will say, I've never found the phaser and flanger on the Zoom to be very inspiring. Still, this pedal can't be beat considering how many fantastic sounds are housed in it.

As someone else in the thread said, I find the noise gate to be very useful as well.

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