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    Apr 30, 2012
    A lot of the bars that I play at have one XLR input that feeds the main speaker system. Bands are asked to simply bring in their own mixer to patch into the XLR input as well as Mics and any monitors. I am just wondering how I would go about patching the Touch Mix into the one XLR input at these venues? I assume that all I would do is use a standard XLR cable and run it from either the left or right main speaker outputs on the Touch Mix and then into the XLR at the venue. I am just wondering if I have this right? If so, would have to pan each channel to whatever main speaker output that I choose; left/right?

    I used to own a Yorkville M1610 that I used at these venues so I am somewhat familiar with the set up. With the Yorkville, there were line outputs on the front that allowed the mixer to be used in passive mode. I simply ran a TRS-XLRM able from the left post-eq output in order to still have control over the eq of each channel. I then had to pan everything left. This is why I assume that I have the Touch Mix connection correct but any help would be great!

    I started a thread on this topic early last year so I feel bad asking again but I just like to be sure before doing anything!
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    Go from one of the Main Outs on the mixer.

    As long as everything is panned the same (all C) not really much reason to hard pan everything.

    If you're running a stereo mix, you could pan, or see if you can switch the output to Mono - not sure on the QSC.

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