“Only a Gibson is Good Enough”…


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Loving this 2022 Gibson Les Paul Standard 60’s I just received brand new from my dealer.

I’ve included just a few of the many “Authentic” features in photos below. Not pictured are…

  • The sandpaper rough frets
  • Additional binding chips
  • Lacquer cracking at the nut
  • Further tooling marks throughout the fretboard
  • Circular sanding lines under the finish on the neck.






EDIT #1: I have returned the guitar. It didn’t last long in my possession.

EDIT #2:

For those of you saying the guitar I received was an anomaly. I wish you were correct. Here is five minutes worth of googling online serialized dealer photos of brand new from the factory Les Paul's being sold right now...






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That's completely unacceptable. They make a ton of guitars in Nashville, and a lot of them go to big box guitar stores that don't inspect them when received, and so we get these kinds of results from time to time. It is a total crapshoot buying a Gibson blind, and yes the majority of their guitars come out fine, but I don't trust their new production stuff like I would with say PRS.

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Sorry, OP. I'm guessing the dealer will make it right. Gibson has made some awesome guitars for sure, but I stopped making excuses for them a while back. No excuse for issues like that on a brand new guitar, especially at that price point.

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From what i understand, sometime in the 80s Gibson's executive staff figured out that cutting prices actually hurt their bottom end. Gibson guitars actually sold better when they were priced higher, cause that was in line with what people's expectations of the brand were. Ultimately, Gibson sells a lifestyle, and that just happens to be through guitars.

Given the large number of guitars they produce every year (you have to buy a ton of gibson stock to even be a licensed retailer of their products) including in the custom shop, I have no doubt they produce some great guitars. But examples like the OP's just speak to how deluded someone has to be to insist that Gibson is some standard bearer of consistency or quality. Or, what I encounter most often on TGP, some form of "iF yOu dOnT gEt A gIbSoN yOuLl ReGrEt iT".

Personally, I play the guitar, not the name on the headstock. But again, Gibson sells a lifestyle, and for many people who want to buy into the "I play guitar" aesthetic, nothing else will do the trick.

Other brands that make Gibson style guitars have to actually be competitive, since they are being sold primarily on their actual merits as guitars. For the people who don't get it, this is why some on TGP (myself included) regularly suggest alternative brands to Gibson.

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