Opinions, advices and critics wanted to better a wiring diagram for "strat" guitar


I want to switch the pickups of my Godin Session for a set of 3 Lollar Special S series. I have only been playing guitar for 3 years and I want to get as many sounds as possible out of the new wiring in order to better my ear and taste with a rich palette of sounds.

By splicing wiring ideas from Deaf Eddie’s page, my guitar’s original wiring and stuff I read in various books, I (partially) came up with a wiring scheme that would enable me to switch between parallel and series configuration, shift the phase of the middle pickup, and switch between different capacitor values or bypass completely the tone and volume pots.

I was wondering if the o so wise community of the gear page could take a look at my diagram and give me its opinion, spot any mistakes I might have missed and answer a few questions. Will the wiring behave in the intended way? When the switch are set to “normal” mode (parallel wiring with RWRP middle pickup and a normal value capacitor for the master tone pot) will the guitar sound as if it was only wired this way or will the rest of the shebang still colour the sound even though it is bypassed? For the caps, I was thinking 0.015, 0.022, 0.047 and 0.1; would I gain much to be a bit more adventurous with higher values?

Thanks and please be gentle; this is my first post on this forum ;)

Edit: Added a missing connection between A5 and B1.
Edit 2: -I simplifiedthe circuit in the Tone P/P and changed the order of the 5 way switch positions in the legend which were in reverse
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Welcome to the o so wise TGP. ;)

One thing that looks wonky to me is the series/parallel switching - I don't think you can do it that way with a master volume/tone configuration. Everything else looks kosher. But give it a try and report back. P.S. That's a nicely done diagram. P.S.S. Add a location to your profile so folks know where you are from.
Here is the Deaf Eddie's diagram I lifted from an earlier TGP post on which my diagram is based.

Since the Godin session's wiring only has two pots, I wanted to adapt this diagram so it would work with a master tone. After adding the second pull/push switch in order to add the in-phase/out-of-phase option, I read (I don't remember where) that the series and out-of-phase setting might benefit from different cap values, hence the the decision to drill a third hole in the body for a rotary switch.
I honestly don't see how removing the the two tone pots from the circuit and connecting a master tone to the third lug of the volume pot might affect the viability of the parallel/series switching.
I greatly appreciate the opportunity to have this discussion btw!

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