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Opinions from those that have gone all digital for gigging?


Silver Supporting Member
Modelers and FRFR for about 5 years now. AX8 & CLR at the moment.
I have nothing against tube amps, I used them for years and still have some but I have no desire to go back.
Ease of setup/tear down is a tremendous time saver and the consistency from gig to gig is as well.
I play with tube amp guys all the time and like my sound much more.
Always get compliments from other players and sound techs.


I've been using the Atomic Amplifirebox for a little over 2 years. I love my tube amps, but since I do close to 100 fly-dates a year, I can't bring an amp, and rented backline -- well, (in the immortal words of Forrest Gump) you never know what you're gonna get. The nearest I can get to fr/fr on the road is a powered PA speaker. They usually sound fine, but I like to have more control over my stage volume, and the tiny volume knobs in the back are just too hard to reach. My solution? A Roland keyboard amp. I keep the EQ flat, it's got plenty of clean power, and they're easy to get.

Best of all, with the AFB I get consistency of tone from night to night, venue to venue.


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I've been all digital since maybe 2009. Have used the following in order:

Behringer V-Amp 2
Behringer X-VAamp
XT Live
iPad with Bias
HX Stomp

The best live tone I've ever had, and my current bliss, is the Kemper into one of several cabs with a Celestion F12-X200. Either that or a number of real guitar cabs. I would prefer in some cases to use a tube amp, but most gigs do not allow the volume or space one would need, and the versatility of the Kemper is such that I don't want to give it up.


All digital here too.

At this point I play out only at two churches. They both are "direct only" for guitar/bass/keys and have an acoustic drum kit inside a shield (IEMs for everyone). So there it's a no-brainer. However, I also played with a cover band for nearly two years. We started "direct only/IEM" - but that laxed as we played out more. I started bringing an Alesis 112 FRFR for my stage volume - and really enjoyed it. Once I got my tones dialed in it was easy load in/out and my sound was consistent every time we played.

I still dig amps - but don't live in a situation where I can ever play one - so I sold my last one off earlier this year. If my situation were to change I'd consider an amp/pedals for at home when I just wanted to have that sound - but as it is - I'm happy with my gear/sound.


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I'm fully digital now but don't use or like FRFR. Modeler > Poweramp > cab is easier to dial and sounds better IMO.

My current poweramp is a Powerstage 170 (pedal sized - weighs less than 2 lbs.). I have it velcro'd directly to my Avatar 1x12 cab

M@tt C

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I've been fully digital for the past 4ish years- no desire to go back. I've been using a Kemper for the majority of the time, and current use a QSC k10.2 for some stage volume along with IEMs. Digital allows me to do different tunings, acoustic guitar simulations, and quick access to preset patches in a 6 space rack that easily fits in the trunk of my car. Super consistent and easy to set up- done! It's also fantastic for practicing at home- I run my iPhone into the Kemper, plug my IEMs into the headphone jack and I can play 'till the cows home and not disturb anyone.


I'm considering going with a Helix/FRFR setup for gigging. I'm currently using an HX Effects in 4cm with my 5150iii and I absolutely love it. That's making me consider going with the full Helix or LT. I'm just wondering what everyone else who has gone this route, or at least tried it thinks about it.
I have not used amps since 2010. I have used Boss GT10, Boss GT100, Axe FX2, Helix LT, and AXE3 straight into the PA and monitor myself through our monitor wedges. Has worked great for me. Less gear to haul and sounds great. Stages are quieter which means less feedback issues and a cleaner sound out front.


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I’ve been fully digital for six or seven years
We moved to IEM’s so nobody would go deaf and also to be able to control our stage volume more successfully... for me going digital means IEM’s

I would always choose guitar cabs and monitor wedges over IEM’s and FRFR speakers
If you’re in a situation where you can still use a guitar cab on stage I highly recommend sticking with it

Having said all that, investing in at least triple driver IEM’s has brought me tremendous happiness with our digital solution

I no longer worry about going deaf, i hate admitting it but I’m truly grateful we went to IEM’s


Gold Supporting Member
Fractal direct to FOH for almost 4 years now. Didn’t think I would like it but after my first gig doing it I was sold.

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