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    Sep 10, 2007
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    There's not a lot of talk about these guys around here and I wanted to give some kudos where I believe they're due.

    I recently bought the Option 5 Destination Bump and the Destination OD II.

    Both pedals are awesome sounding and the Bump is very thoughtfully designed with a recessed gain knob so my big ol clod hoppers don't bump the knob and cause the sound man to go into DT's.

    The OD II is criminally under rated IMO. Very useful interactive EQ and gain settings are great from low to hotter medium gain. Marshall in a box but better.

    Here is the real reason I'm writing this. A switch went out in the OD. You know, stuff happens and I've had to send pedals for repair back to other great pedal makers such as Wampler and Fuchs. They did great jobs of promptly repairing and getting the pedals back to me. What was different about Option 5 is that as soon as they found out I needed the pedal for some gigs coming up this week, they offered to send me a new pedal in lieu of a repair so I wouldn't be inconvenienced. This is the best customer care I've ever even heard of.

    So KUDOS to Option 5 which is evidently building a business based on customer satisfaction not only with great sounding products be above and beyond support.
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    Jul 5, 2006
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    I'm pleased with my DRS. It's good to hear about their great support!

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