Options for Super Lead Cabinet


Hey all, I will be receiving my Ceriatone Plexi Super Lead 100, in a couple weeks.

It has two speaker output jacks in the back with one impedance switch.

I assume that if I select 8 ohms that this is for both speaker outputs.

My question is this.

I have a 1960B Marshall 4x12.

I wired it for two inputs at 8 ohms each. I did this to accommodate my two Tremoverbs that I run in stereo.

I would plug each Tremoverb into the cabinet that I had wired for being split in two, each side at 8 ohms.

I now intend to use this cabinet exclusively for the Super Lead head.

First of all, can I actually just take the two speaker outputs from the Super Lead head and plug into the respective inputs of the cabinet?

This way I don't have to rewire the cabinet.

Secondly, what if any difference in tone would there be between using the cabinet as it is wired (effectively 2 2x12s housed in one 4x12 cabinet) as opposed to rewiring the cabinet for single input at 8 ohms (proper 4x12 cabinet)?

I am not lazy, just wondering if there is any benefit to use it this way.


So if you plug the head into both separate 8 ohm cab inputs, set the head's impedance switch to 4 ohms. Or rewire the cab to a single 16 ohm input, set the head to 16 ohms, and just use one speaker jack.

The different impedances will use different amounts of the output transformer and at least in theory sound different.

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