OR15 conversion to Jim Root #4?


I used to own both these amps and sold the Jim Root #4. Whilst testing and comparing them, my friend who bought it for his band's other guitarist compared the Jim Root clean sound with the OR15's. Surprisingly, as the JR is a higher gain amp, it could go much louder, easier and with a lower noise floor than the OR15.

For a new reggae project I'd like to use my OR15 set to clean with an old dual switch Carl Martin Plexitone in front for gain sounds. A very different gain to that of the Orange.

I'm concerned about the volume at pure clean and low noise I can get from it.

I've seen on the web somewhere that they are supposed to have the same circuit board. That being the case, does anybody know what is involved in modifying the OR15 to act like a JR#4?


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