Orange announce new "Vintage Pedals" line

There’s a strong car salesman vibe to that video.

So, Orange didn’t have much info on the design of the old pedals, so they got photos of them from people to make them look the same, then proceeded to make a totally different circuit internally? Seems to be the case at least for the distortion.
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I don’t understand who’s buying these in today’s market other than Orange fetishists. Limited controls, unnecessarily large enclosure, low-effort graphic design. Meh.

In fairness to them, I imagine one of their design criteria was "is this enclosure big enough to smuggle an ounce into a country via my pedalboard?"

Maybe these pedals come with a free ounce?
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The sustain pedal text:

“Acting like an overdrive for your clean tone, the Orange Sustain pedal smooths, regulates and evens out your guitar sound, making the soft parts louder and the loud parts softer to create a more consistent volume.”

I believe we call this a compressor here on TGP.
The distortion is not the original circuit? The vintage reissue phaser is spelled differently than the "phazer" it hopes to recapture?
If I had to guess, I'd say Orange wanted to capitalize on this a while ago before the shark was jumped on the pedal craze, but it was held up with legal and IP issues.
And almost a pound each (13+ oz)? Seriously?
You incorrectly capitalized "distortion" and "sustain", Phaser is fine though.

(Just messing around)

But I'd like to know what they were thinking when they did that.

I totally missed that as well. At first I thought you were trying to be some kind of grammar police. Then I saw the next post and thought “wait what.” Now all I want to know is why.
So it this thing a take on the RAT circuit? I'm getting that vibe from the audio samples. Daddy's gonna need a gut shot to see how necessary this case is. The treble control being internal is a real goof. Def not playing a quarter thousand for this.

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