Sold Orange OR-15 For Trade

Hey all. I've got a basically perfect OR-15 for trade. Sounds phenomenal, good life left on the tubes. Does the 7/15-watt power section, and has the effects loop. Honestly I'm not entirely sure what the difference between it and the Root Terror are besides the head shell, but anyway. Takes pedals like a champ both in front and in the loop, has all the EQ you need.

I love it, it was a perfect compliment to my Hovercraft Dwarvenaut. However, I'm in a stoner doom band, and I've been lending it to my other guitarist to run next to his own Dwarvenaut. Since I got a 200-watt custom Belov Matamp GTO clone with a Hiwatt DR201 powering my 2x15 though, his rig just can't keep up.

I'd really like to trade for something vintage voiced but with a bit more power. A 50w Bassman or I suppose a Red Bear or Sovtek would probably fit the bill. I'll obviously exchange shipping and insurance information if we come to a trade. Thanks for looking!

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