Sold Orange Rocker 30 - $850

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    Aug 2, 2013
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    Still for sale. Reverb buyers are flakes.


    For sale is my 2005 Orange Rocker 30. I'm the original owner, bought new from Truetone Music in 2005. It's all original, all working and about as clean as you'll find. Original tubes, EHX 6CA7s I believe, have plenty of life left. Comes with additional Orange 1-button footswitch. $850 shipped.

    This amp sounds awesome. I've always liked the clean channel pushed into some natural breakup. It's got that class-A chime with EL34 fullness and it takes pedals well. The distortion channel gets pretty distorted but never muddy. It gives you all of that EL34 grind but the class-A circuitry helps it keep clarity. 30 usable watts is perfect for most gigs to be loud but not deafening.

    Looking for a Mutron Biphase, Moog Mother 32. Could be tempted by vintage effects - Muffs, Rats, Space Echoes. Don't need any other amps/heads/cabs.

    USA lower 48 only. All sales final, sold as is, blah blah blah.





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