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Sold Orange Rocker 30 Limited Edition White Tolex


Pristine condition Orange Rocker 30 Limited Edition (2009) in white tolex. Made in the UK. No marks, scratches, dents, or anything of the sort. One owner (me). Functions perfectly and sounds amazing.

Tubes are all brand new. It's cathode biased and will accept EL34, 6CA7, and KT77 without modification (no rebiasing necessary) -- just throw 'em in. Currently it has...

Power: Electro-Harmonix 6CA7, matching pair
V1, V2: Tung-Sol 12AX7
V3 (phase inverter): JJ ECC83S

...and sounds particularly great with that combination.

Does not come with footswitch, as it didn't come with one when it was purchased (new).

I've never seen these limited white Rocker 30s go for less than $1250 or so.

$1100 via PayPal, which includes shipping (CONUS only) via FedEx.



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