Orange Rockerverb 50 MKII

I am currently looking at a great deal on either a Rockerverb 50 mkII head or combo , I had the chance once to use the head version for a one hour set a few years back with it on the gain channel set to light crunch and thought it sounded great but I never had the time to play around with it to try other sounds. At the moment I am looking for something to use in a cover band doing everything from 60's rock and roll to Police through to AC/DC , so with the use of pedals I am hoping for something quite versatile and was wondering what peoples thoughts on these amps are. To be honest it is the great price that caught my eye but like anything it will not matter how cheap it is if it does not suit what I want it for. I can try one in the store but it is always different in a band situation. Any thoughts would be appreciated,thanks.


My first thought would be that the RV is a bit more modern sounding than AC/DC or the Police but I'm sure you could make do and sound great.

Seth L

I would think it excel at want you want. Match it up with proper speakers and it'll do a nice vintage sort of thing. Those are well built, great sounding amps.


A guitarist I have played with for a few years has the RVII 2x12 combo and it sounds great.

He plays both a Les Paul and a Strat with it, both sound great.

He sets it up for a medium gain sound and rolls the volume down for most of his rhythms, and as an edge of breakup sound goes, it sounds warm and still cuts. He does not do much high gain work, but when he does he pushes that sound with a boost and it is good for rock leads. The reverb is touchy though. Either too little or way too much.

He had it set up with 6V6's and it sounded great, changed to EL34's and ....great again.

I had serious tone envy. So, I bought a Mesa Roadster, installed a JB Jr in my Strat...I just could never get a nice fat rock tone that could scale up to a nice lead sound with that rig. I ended up shelving the Mesa, and getting my JCM800 modded, now....I was in the game

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