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    Jan 11, 2002
    Most phone calls are less than 2 minutes, and everything is worked out right then. With emails a lot of times a guy will have a question, and it might take me a bit to see it. Then i reply and it takes him days to reply back with more questions. then I reply and we do it over and over. It's taken weeks for somebody to tell me "yes - put me down".

    I've also got a huge "limbo" folder with several hundred orders where I do send the emails saying the order is ready, and they never write back, or they killed the account. Also with some accounts they never see my emails because they went into spam folders. I don't know how many times I've done a follow up call to be told they never got my emails because gmail sent it to spam...

    So to wrap it up I have a hard time with emails, and so do a lot of my customers. It's not a perfect system even though some people never have a problem. With a quick phone call it can all be done right.

    There's also a list of dealers on the myspace page people can contact if they don't want to call me. That's the way most guys in business do it - you don't talk to them you talk to the dealer. I give up a big cut of the income to the dealers to give this option to the customers.

    It's not about trying to be "warm and fuzzy". It's about trying to do it in a way that has the least chance for me to screw up - which in the end gives the best service.
    tim/Timmy pedals
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    Thanks for the clarification. Always wondered about this.


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