Ordering Specs on G + G tolex cases

Placed a discount eligible order with Gerry recently, basic Tele/Strat cases with black tolex and black mouse fur, that I'm very much looking forward to.

As builders, is there anything you would recommend that I buy extra on these cases, on the next batch?

Brass hardware, nickel, leather detailing, another choice of lining?

Much obliged.


BB, get the red poodle as well! I think that is the cat's meow when I think of vintage. Leather handle is nice, not sure if you have to specify that anymore. I stopped using them when everytime I ordered, it seamed Fender had just place a zillion case order so the wait time got too prohibitive. Best cases out there though!


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I use the G&G case as well, great classic case. I definitely think the crushed velvet style interior is the classiest look in any color. The leather handle is standard and stick with the nickel hardware. For some reason to my eye the brass makes it look like an import/cheeper case. They have some great exterior options when wanting something more custom. I have had some made with Western Tooled exterior when building guitars with sparkle finishes and with the engraved Eldarodo parts, they look really cool in that case. It is fun as a builder to try different combinations.
Thanks for the great ideas!

Yeah, I need to remember that the poodle cloth will look potent in sample form, but will be fine. Once it is incorporated into the case, the impact is not nearly as bold. I've noticed in photographing my guitars, that many many look really good against the dark red color; that something more conservative is not really necessary.

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Hey Chris, who are you using now (if you don't mind sharing)?

Brett Faust

Boris , on my last order with G&G I got some cases that are silver( Ricky style) w/ black leather ends and handle and black crushed velvet lining,nickel hardware. I almost went with the center pocket version but opted for side pocket instead. The fitted foam body insert is a good option as well.
When I was in LA on a visit I went to the factory to see how they were made and Gerry showed me samples of what was currently available,he sent me home with swatches. I ordered shortly thereafter,3 weeks later they were at my door.

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