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Organ Donor Amps - The Spleen (guitar Leslie content)


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A friend of mine has been experimenting with building Leslie cabs for guitar, from salvage organ parts. He's operating under the name "Organ Donor Amps" and just threw up a myspace page, with his first model "The Spleen". As is obvious, things are still in their infancy; he's looking for comments, input, ideas of what people would like to see/hear on the site, etc.




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Nice clips. What's he charging for the Spleen? The fact that he's not guaranteeing his work is a bit disconcerting.
very interesting, the Stella Blue clip was very nice.

couple things I'm curious about (if the builder can answer)

what is the preamp section like? what kind of interface (dedicated Leslie guitar mod type, or is it built in) The texas blues examples exhibits a little bit of breakup, is that all possible from the amp alone, or is that with pedals?

how do the footswitches work, the jacks don't quite make sense to me (I just don't know, ya know?)

What's the weight?

And lastly, what's the price???



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the builder may be signing on here at some point, but in the meantime here are some answers (I'm just forwarding these so don't shoot *me* :)):

Weight = 35lbs and up depending on the speaker
Core assembly is a Leslie Tremolo unit. These units feature either one or two motors, a sound scoop and a pulley system. The tremolo unit is literally the "heart" of all organ donor amps.

Sound Clips:
Sorry I should have made this more clear with this information.
The Spleen is an EXTENSION cab only. There is no amp or pre-amp.
Future combo models may include an amp.

ALL sound samples, accept for the "TEXAS" sample were made without
the use of FX. The Texas sample incorporates the use of a BBE green screamer pedal. ALL of this type of technical information can be viewed by pressing the "LYRICS" tab on the myspace MP3 player.

Depends on the speaker, the motor configuration (2 speeds or one) etc.
My guess is they'll start around $350 + shipping.

My statement is clear. Everything will work great when it leaves the
shop. These are all vintage parts - usually LIGHTLY used by granny playing her organ on the holidays. Truth is, the technology in these cabs is pretty simply stuff. The most important parts can be easily and CHEAPLY be replaced through e-bay or at a hardware store if they wear out or break down.



I can understand not guaranteeing the actual parts being that they are recycled, but the builder should absolutely guarantee his workmanship. The AS IS, is not a great foundation for a new business.


I can understand not guaranteeing the actual parts being that they are recycled, but the builder should absolutely guarantee his workmanship. The AS IS not a great foundation for a new business.
My thoughts exactly. I would not buy anything without a guarantee, especially from a new builder.


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good feedback, I'll pass it along.

I may get to try one of these this weekend


I'm new to this forum. I'll do my best to communicate my thoughts clearly.
So I'm the guy who's put forth the idea of Organ Donor amps and who's built model one THE SPLEEN.

First, thanks to all for reading and responding. I apprecicate ya'lls feedback. Second, I dig where you're coming from regarding a guarantee.
Fact is, I'm not launching some new big deal company. I'm looking to hand make a handful of these extension cabs and maybe some combos because I LOVE that sound.

From the speakers to the motors, I'm trying my best to use recycled LOW MILAGE parts wherever possible. I want this to be a green venture. Each piece will be unique and each piece will have a small carbon footprint and BIG TONE.

I've got the kernal of a good idea... that sounds great btw... and I want musicians to play this thing. Any deal I make will be one on one. And of course they'll be some sort of limited warranty that when you open the box your organ donor amp will work. I'm not trying to be vague here. I'm still working this thing out.

Thanks for your interest. Again, being a newbie I'm not sure how ya'll can contact me - but try me here. If that doesn't work I'm sure we'll figure something out.


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