Original Fender headstocks

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    I couldn't disagree more. Of course, we all have different ideas about what is aesthetically pleasing. The difference is, we grew up with Fender headstocks.

    Tyler, Lentz, Anderson, Suhr, Thornton, K-Line, Asher, etc., all make better teles than Fender, imo. Their headstocks in no way detract from their instruments in my mind.
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    Headstocks are where the logos and brand name are. I assume that’s why large companies like F and G go out of their way to protect them. They are the main indicator of the brand identity. If you don’t protect it, you lose it.

    That said, I personally don’t care. So many great guitars with their own headstock shape. But I’m not the normal buyer...and nostalgia and mediated identity drive the bulk of guitar buying purchase behavior.
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