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Sold Original Fulltone Clyde Wah - 10/98 hardwired and signed


Tone curmudgeon
Gold Supporting Member
Rare Fulltone Clyde from October of 1998. This handwired and signed original has a unique tone from the Italian Fasal inductors used in these early editions. Has all the dings you might imagine from 20+ years but operates perfectly.

$SOLD paypaled and shipped

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will richardson

The Tennessee to California Connection
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These sound Better than my 1968 Vox Chrome top which Sounded Very Very Good.
I Got Mine around 2000 I think. Use this Wah with an EH Micro synth and its Martian Landing Time. I don't use lots of effects but have a lot and do some effect extreme thing s at home just exploring the tonal capacities. Live I'd use a secret tuner from the late 70s, and MXR Script logo into one overdrive pedal or fuzz into a 60s circa english made amp. American Made Gibson Style Guitar.
These early Fulltones are great. I believe this was and his TTE are the best products in his line. Not knocking the other stuff, just saying those 2 items are straight up Pro.
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TD Moyer

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Just PM'd you...I'll take her and give her a good home amongst my other adopted wahs!

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