Ormsby 2014 Hypemachine run

JP Universe

This is a run organised by luthier Perry Ormsby from 'Ormsby Guitars' in Australia….. As soon as I heard that snakewood was going to be a top I knew I had to have it. The most exciting part of the run thus far was securing the Snakewood…. I was tempted to get the Purpleheart but snakewood is something I had to have on something!!

Once that was locked in I wanted a Cocobolo fretboard, rosewood neck and a black limba body…. (upgraded o a 1 piece with snake eyes for free!! )The many temptations (See those fretboards) that came up really threw me off and I almost changed everything :lol: thankfully kept focused and took myself out of all the bidding and locked in my specs.

Almost home now, a few months off and it will be complete. 6 String Multiscale will be killer, I'll probably put it into a drop C* tuning…


Spot snake eyes?

Snakewood top pics then a whole lot of others!!!


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