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Other Guitar Forums


Some of the dedicated forums are really good, but they don't have a lot of posts. Everything SG, Kemper, and EBMM are some I check with relative frequency. Usually it's people getting help, asking historical equipment questions, or talking about future possibilities. Seems like when there's more of a focus on a particular manufacturer there isn't so much contention.


I miss the old days of Harmony Central.
I was on there when it was just reviews in the late 90's. Hell, I found out about 9/11 through HC. I checked that before turning on the news that morning. I went through so many bad gear phases there.

70 Mach 1

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Any that i frequented since closed or only get 10 posts a week.

I stay here. I Learned alot about amp biasing, got the modes working for me and i stay out of arguments or click bait

i really dont want another addiction.


Reddit is much better for music-related discussion in general (the kind of music I listen to, anyway), and there are a few specific subreddits pertaining to gear that I like. Other guitar-related forums on the Internet fall somewhere between mediocre and terrible, both in quality of conversation and accuracy of information presented.

TGP is okay, but I vastly (VASTLY) prefer the moderation style of Reddit (and most relevant subreddits) to what we have here. :-\

TDPRI is also okay, but... same thing. Some angry, low-info boomer threatened to shoot me once on TDPRI. That was def the highlight of my day.

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Offset I am a bit old for. It’s a bit of a Millennial club.
But can still be useful for effects info and settings. Especially Shoegaze, and older Alt stylings. If someone with a Jag or Jazzmaster ever breathed on an amp or pedal in the studio or on stage the members over there know about it.
TDPRI’s 11gauge knows effects. But I Haven’t been there forever. Hope he’s still active.

Tele Forum (and Strat too) had good Emporiums back 5 or more years ago. Much smaller than here but good fair deals. DOA now though. Too bad really.


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I liked letstalkguild so much that after too many outages I bought the domain from the previous owner and updated the software And features to something far more current.

I love(ed) TGP - just look at my post count. I got burnt out and mostly hang at LTG now.


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I never was an active poster at the Fender Forum, but I did play in jams organized there a couple of times a year. I just realized that it shut down earlier this year.


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BaM was solid.
There's a newer PRS forum I sometimes visit sponsored by the company that's active enough and pretty decent, with it's share of original BaM members.
I am a member, still enjoy my PRS, but there are so many new models all the time I kind of got burnt out by the PRS discussions.

I do remember your name from there! Maybe I bought a guitar from you? LOL


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I started on TDPRI, with occasional excursions to the Hamer Fan Club before primarily settling here. I've gotten into Epiphone Les Pauls lately and thought I'd check out the MyLesPaul forum, but I got a weird vibe from some of the posts there. Don't know how much time I'll spend there.

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