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Other Raw Honky-Tonk Style Country Artists?


Silver Supporting Member
Here's a couple faves. The Stone River Boys are a sort of continuation of the Hacienda Bros. after Chris Gaffney passed. Dave Insley is from these parts, but moved to Austin some time ago.


Gold Supporting Member
Brandy Clark
Dale Watson
Amber Digby
Justin Trevino
Tony Booth
Daryl McCall
Aaron Watson
Asleep at the Wheel
Gene Watson
Moe Bandy
Heather Myles
Danni Leigh
Mickey Gilley
Kelly Willis
Curtis Potter
Tracy Lawrence
Lyle Lovette
Jake Hooker
John Anderson
Rodney Crowell
Kimmie Rhodes
Hayes Carll
Jim Lauderdale
Wade Hayes
Mark Chesnutt
Billy Yates
Travis Tritt
Bruce Robison
Alan Jackson
George Strait
Vern Gosdin
John Schneider (yep, Bo Duke!)
Tracy Byrd
Becky Hobbs
Lefty Frizzell
Ray Price
Johnny Bush (RIP - today)

And, of course, there are Buck Owens, Merle Haggard, Wynn Stewart, Hank SR.

That ought to be enough to get you going. There are a LOT of current real country artists making great music. You won't hear them on broadcast radio. Sirius' Outlaw Music and Willie's Roadhouse channels play some of these great folks.


I always say if you like older country and ever get the chance to see Dale Watson in a small club you will not be disappointed.

Saw him at Ginny's. Opened for him at the 290 West. Yea, he is the real deal.
Funny story, I move back to upstate NY after 40 years, right after I got here, my brother said "hey, we're going out tonight. Dale Watson is playing in town". Lol, moved 2000 miles to see someone from Austin. :)


Or go back through Danny Gatton and Bill Kirchen to some of the western swing guitar monsters, where a lot of this vocabulary comes from. Can't go wrong listening to a whole bunch of Jimmy Bryant if you want a deep dive



Danny Gatton hamming it up here, starting around 4:05, pulling outta his bag o' roadhouse gimmicks. But don't let the showmanship gimmicks fool you. That was a dangerous man on the tele



There are some great recommendations here! I'm looking forward to hearing some of it

To me, This record, is a MASTERCLASS on Honky Tonk music. Every song is a barnstormer. You couldn't do a better Honky Tonk set.


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