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I have a relatively simple home Studio signal chain:

Guitar>Fractal Axe>Alesis Multimix8 firewire>MacBook Pro Logic 9/I-Tunes/Amazing Slow-Downer>Atomic Wedge FR and QSC 10> Headphones

I want to be able to separate backing tracks and guitar to different speakers or earphone panned sides.

I believe my mixer has a shortcoming in that anything coming out of the macbook pro is part of the main mix and according to the manual and everything I've tried there is no way to isolate axe output from logic, itunes, or slow downer output without physically removing the axe from the mixer and directly routing to a select speaker. This is not the solution though because I still need headphone panning of the two sources as well as recording so the interface is necessary. Furthermore, I only have earphone volume control, no balance or panning control let alone routing itunes to one side and axe to the other in my earphones.

I also want to be able to reamp with the axe.

I'm pretty sure my mixer is not up to the task. What do i need. How does one route specific application output, i.e. itunes or slowdowner output to one speaker or one side of a headphone? Is the main mix always constrained this way? Do I need software or do i need a new interface?

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