Overdrive and/or Boost pedals


I am in the market for an overdrive and a boost ..or one pedal that covers both. I'm open to suggestions but here are a couple that I am considering based on youtube video demos:

cmatmods signa drive
cmatmods super signa drive (with boost option)
greenhouse effects goldrive
greenhouse effects middle man
xotic rc, ac, etc.

Like i said ... open to suggestions here and opinions on the above pedals. I really liked the goldrive from what i heard online.

Goo Fighters

Kingsley Jester is the best I've tried, but it's expensive. 3 OD channels with EQ plus an independent boost with 3 different voicings. Great value for the money. On the cheap, you could find a used Boss SD-1 (stock, no mods) for probably 30 bucks or so. Trick with that pedal is to crank the output and keep the gain very low or off. Great pedal to step on for solos when your amp is cooking at high volume. If you need a mid-hump TS sound, the Green Rhino is pretty hard to beat. Got mine for $90 used. FWIW, I've never heard of Greenhouse Effects. Funny name...

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