Overdrive Overdose


So for years I've relied mostly on my amp's overdrive channel (first Mesa, then Rivera, now Budda). Over the past few months I've picked up all of the Lovepedal special deals, as well as a Timmy v2. They all sound great but I need to thin the herd a little bit, as I have to fund a few non-pedal purchases.

I've only had the Eternity Burst for a few days so I'll be testing it out this week to see where it stacks up. The COT50 really adds some killer sparkle & sizzle to my sound, especially with my Tele. Probably going to be keeping this one, for sure.

In your opinion, where do you see overlap in my overdrive pedals....if at all? Good problem to have, I guess...haha!

1. Lovepedal COT50
2. Lovepedal Eternity Burst
3. Lovepedal Dragon Fuzz
4. Lovepedal Superlead
5. Timmy v2

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