overdrive overwhelmed!

john beddoe

My KOT has just arrived and im playing around with different orders of my ODs/boost.

Got:- EP booster
Fulltone fulldrive FD2 (pre- mosfet, FM modified, push/pull comp cut from 99)
wampler black 65

I havent had a chance to crank it in gig situations right now and spent ages putting these pedals in different orders. I've lost perspective! I'm sure i dont need these all on the board and anyway, theres just not enough space on my pedaltrain jnr! Not sure i like the FD2 and KOT stacked either way so maybe the FD2 gets kicked offf...but i'll miss that compressed OD sound! damn!

Still not sure how to use the EP now, as a volume solo boost, or first in line or used to boost another OD....oh dear, i'm hopelessly lost....any suggestions? hee hee

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