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Overdrive suggestions (bad monkey upgrade)


Senior Member
I have a really minimal setup. Tube amp that has a little bit of gain, naturally. And a Bad Monkey that stays on all the time for the rhythm sound. I have another od pedal that I kick on for leads (it's quite a bit less gain than the BM, but works perfectly to get the lead tone where I need it).
Anyway, I'm not unhappy with the Bad Monkey. But I sold an axe recently, and have a couple of bucks I might put into my board. So I'm wondering.. what's in the $100 - $175 (maaaybe $200) range that has the gain versatility of the BM (meaning it can get a little or a lot of gain, if need be)? It would also be kind of cool if it actually used a preamp tube. Also, has to have around the same Boss sized imprint. Although I might be able to squeeze another half inch if I have to.
As mentioned, I'm using this for my base rhythm sound. Think AC/DC.


Hardwire CM-2 Tube Overdrive.

It will be similar to the Bad Monkey, but it offers true bypass, and two voicings: Modern and classic. The classic voicing would be similar to the BM, but more refined and the modern setting can get you some nice grainy overdrives that almost approach distortion. It is like having two pedals in one.

Give that a shot, you should be able to find it in any of your local guitar stores.


If you are on a budget, don't forget to check out Danelectro's Cool Cat series of pedals. All of their overdrive/distortion pedals sound very good actually.
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There are a lot of choices, but you might like the Keeley DS-1 Ultra mod. I also keep my Bad Monkey on my board, since it has it's uses and it'snot worth selling useful $34 pedal.


As mentioned, I'm using this for my base rhythm sound. Think AC/DC.
Given the desire for an AC/DC rhythm sound, the Fulltone OCD might work well for you but it's in a different ballpark than the Bad Monkey (not derived from a tubescreamer).

The Barber Direct Drive will have more similarities with the compression and voicing characteristics of the Bad Monkey but will definitely be an upgrade.

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