Overdrive suggestions.


I just recently picked up 2001 British Vox AC15. Love the amp, and the overdrives I have work well with it besides one. My lovepedal eternity black is awesome, my timmy is great, but my Klon Centaur clone is giving me one issue. The Klon has a mid scoop which adds a nice growl, but it cuts my bass when I kick it on because that is what the Klon clone does. Basically I'm looking for an overdrive that is transparent, perserve the color of my tone, but also sound distinct. Suggestions?


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I loved the Hotcake with my AC30. I wouldn't call it "transparent" but I liked it. Also, I don't appreciate the Klon as much until you are playing with a full band and have to cut through the mix. Then, I realize why it was made that way.

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