Overwhelming Variety

Recently, I've branched out. In 14 years of playing guitar, I've gone in 3 big phases...

The Fender phase... when I started until I heard my first humbucker guitar, which led to:

The Gibson phase... when I got closer and closer to that sound in my head, but wasn't 100% on the playability so I entered:

The PRS phase... finally nailed "my" sound, the sound I wanted to hear, and have been playing PRS for several years, exclusively since I was so thrilled about it, until I found my music calling for some variety, and I wanted to break free of my limits leading to:

The overwhelming variety phase.

These days I'm playing some from each phase, and some from no phase at all. Anything goes! I'm like Joe Perry or Joe Walsh these days, on any given night I could be playing pretty much anything! It's a little bit wierd to not be wholeheartedly into a single brand or style anymore. I'd jump in with both feet when I found something I liked. Nowadays I'm openminded.

So, for those of you who aren't brand loyalists or "(Strat, LP, PRS, Rick) Guys", how do you decide what to keep in your arsenal? I was so comfortable in my little zone of loyalty that now I realize it's a big world. A big world of great instruments all yelling, "Take me home!"


I just rarely sell anything .... after 30 years of playing I now have over 30 guitars......:worried

Started out on Gibsons .... SRV put me through a Fender phase ..... lately I've gone back to Gibsons .... with a few PRS hanging about (I lived in Maryland for 13 years so I had to support the local guy, too) ....

Now I lust after some of the small builders ..... but I already have over 30 guitars .....

and my little town can't even keep a low end Ibanez dealer in business.... :confused:

Acoustic phase... NO! I hosted an open mic for 3 years and it's going to be a long time before I can stand to play acoustic again.

mad dog

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I like that. The "overwhelming variety" phase. Definitely where I'm at now. I am a brand loyalist ... only it's a number of different brands:

Jerry Jones

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