Ownhammer Heavy Hitters cab IR's

I'm looking to update my tones with some cab IR's.

I'm not looking to go down the rabbit hole, just find something right for me needs, that will open up my HX Stomp a bit.

I play hard rock / metal, so do I just want the Ownhammer Heavy Hitters pack?


I'd also recommend the Ownhammer FMAN bundle. It's got a lot of tonal variety between the seven different speakers, and excels at hard rock and metal. York Audio also has some great impulses; their Friedman and Mesa Traditional V2 are top-notch. You can't really go wrong with either company.


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York Audio, Ownhammer, and ML Sound Labs all make good ones for that style. Each has a little different "flavor", so you might find you like one more than the others.

For me, I've deleted all the others since I started using York Audio.
Load up mix 01 and rock
Yep, they're really that good, I pretty much just went straight to mix 1 and stayed there for heavy tones in Helix Native! I'm finding with the packs I have, Mix 1 really sits nicely in a dense mix without being harsh, mix 2 seems more subdued/less mid forward. It sounds like they might be 57/121 mixes with the 57 being mixed a bit higher in 1?

You may as well try the $1 Mesa sample pack first but if you're like me you'll probably get hooked and buy the other packs out of curiosity anyway haha. The Friedman pack is next on my list to try.


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There's a million cab packs that would work great. I don't know that I would start with the Ownhammer Heavy Hitters as there's so many cabs and options.

I would start with two cab packs...the free Ownhammer Mesa 4x12 V30 from their site and the $1 York Audio Mesa 2x12 V30. See which one you like better. If one of those works, you're done. If you prefer one over the other, you can explore other cabs from that brand.


For metal from Ownhammer, don't start with the Heavy Hitters packs. They aren't bad at all, but their best metal packs are the Uber Duo and/or the (r)Evolution packs. Uber Duo has lots of metal flavors. 2 distinct cabs, lots of great speakers, especially the K100 which you don't always see. And obviously (r)Evolution is not strictly metal, but all of the 4x12 sets will be appropriate, especially the 412 TRAD, which is killer. You could just buy this pack and be pretty set for IRs. I wouldn't call their FMAN pack good for metal, but that's just me.

The other place you should be looking is York Audio. Everything there is top shelf, and the audio demos are consistent, useful, and indicative of what you'll get. The Bogna, MES, and ZILA packs are where I'd start, depending on what appeals to you most.


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Don't forget about this fantastic free V30 pack from Wilkinson Audio:



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i'll second york, as i'm having much success with their orange cab, amongst others.

but since it hasn't been mentioned yet, the jens bogren irs are pretty brutal, if you're into that.


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To my ear, OH's new (r)Evolution packs sounds much better than all their old IRs, including the heavy hitter etc etc.

If you are going to try OwnHammer, skip all the old IRs, start with the (r)Evolution packs, thank me later.

And York Audio's IRs are great as well, I love to mix YA with some IRs from OH Evolution pack.

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