P-90s that sound like Strat singles?

Joe Porto

My main guitars are a couple Music Man Sports...one with 2x humbuckers, and one with P-90s. I just took delivery of an American Vintage 59 Strat, and I am so in love with the low output and twang of the vintage single coils. I was wondering if there was a replacement P-90 pickup that would have a little lower output and more high end bite like a traditional single coil, also, if someone could turn me on to some optional 5 position 2x humbucker wiring schemes that would give me coil tap/single coil options without a tap switch.

I can solder, but I can't quite wrap my head around the wiring scheme.

It would be much appreciated.



Silver Supporting Member
Definitely check out manlius goat master pickups. It's actually a jazzmaster pickup in a p90 format but it kills in my fano JM6. Very single coil sounding!

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