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P Rail or Phat Cat

I'm buildin' a Tele.
I have a Seth Lover in the neck position and I want to put a Phat Cat or P Rail in the bridge.
The Duncan site doesn't give any specs on the P Rails.
Only that it's not a hot output which is fine with me.
It says it is a REAL P90 with a rail type single coil in a humbucker size.
It goes on to say how you can wire it up but no eq,resonant freq,etc.
I'm interested as to how the P90 in it sounds compared to the Phat Cat.

Thanks Gnarlly.
So the P90 part of the P rail is more aggressive than a Phat Cat because of A5.
I like the idea that it's an unballanced humbucker.
Should generate some more complex tones.
Do you think it would pair well with a Seth Lover ?



Not sure; I haven't tied a Seth Lover. I do think the P-Rails set (neck/bridge) works well together to give even more options (I'm not a fan of neck humbuckers generally; single coils are my thing).
I am also a single coil guy.
Seth is a low output,very clear and warm at the same time hummer.
Jazz & Blues guys love it.
It's featured on the G&L Bluesboy.
I love and own G&L's.
It's only 7.2k
Tone is Bass 6 mid 4 Treble 8 out of 10
Alnico 2
It's great with an aggressive single coil.
I was going to put a vintage P90 in the bridge or a Broadcaster.
It looked too funky with a hardtail.
I was leanin' toward a vintage 3 saddle ashtray with humbucking cutout with a Phat Cat in it.
I'm going with a P Rail.
I don't want 2 of them.
Don't want a bunch of switches.
I won't use all of the P Rail features.
Only the ones that I like.
Thanks for the info,man.

Sounds like a good one but I already pulled the trigger.
I'm going to use the parallel humbucker & the P90.
The parallel sound is very cool with 2 actual single coils that are different from each other.
A complex sound.
I'll bet the BG's are also very nice.


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