P&W Players: what’s your delay/Reverb of choice?

Which company are you using for delay/Reverb?

  • Strymon (duh)

    Votes: 25 23.6%
  • GFI

    Votes: 4 3.8%
  • Line 6

    Votes: 8 7.5%
  • Source Audio

    Votes: 23 21.7%
  • Boss

    Votes: 15 14.2%
  • Empress

    Votes: 7 6.6%
  • Other (reply)

    Votes: 24 22.6%

  • Total voters


Just wondering how strong a grip Strymon still has. A lot of the popular guys are looking to the GFI Tempus. Some of the Source Audio units look great. Who is it for you?


I’m alternating between nemesis and timeline. Both sound great. It’s just size / UI / budget comparisons right now...


I am personally using the HX Stomp. Great price, does a lot more than just echo/verb, easy to use and program, and does the crazy stuff well enough.

If I had the money and time to set everything up the right way, I'd get a Timeline and BigSky. However, in P&W guitars seem to be starting to sound more like guitars so I don't see the crazy algorithms in as great a need as they were 10 or so years ago.


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I had two thirds of the Holy Strynity for a long time, but now I’m running a Nemesis and Meris Mercury 7. Really, I liked what the M7 did better than the big sky, but in order to access presets and whatnot I needed a new midi controller too, and finances required me to sell the timeline too, so I grabbed a Nemesis on the cheap and don’t regret it. Timeline is something special, but the Nem hangs strong too. So, TL;DR, nemesis and Mercury 7.

Rick Towne

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The Nemesis is more than enough for my purposes, and avoids that Strymon sound which has become all too common. Mine was $190 used with box and power supply.

The Princeton Reverb amp reverb is also enough.


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Carbon Copy Deluxe and Boss DD-7 for delay, Seymour Duncan Silver Lake for reverb. You don't hear much about the Silver Lake, but I love the ambient sounds you can get out of it, and the fact that you can adjust everything with knobs instead of menu-diving. However, I find the "dynamic expression" feature to be useless.


I've moved to the Helix. I do not miss the Timeline or the Mobius. But I do think the BigSky is still better for verbs. If I had a traditional board I would have the a HX Effects and a BigSky.

Chad G

I have the Boss DD-500 / RV-500 combo. You can get super simple or super complex sounds out of each of these units. If i didn't like the DD-500 so much I could easily see selling it and keeping the RV-500 as it has delay included, and could easily be an all in one delay/reverb (and chorus with the right settings) pedal.
Timeline and Bigsky are used for most sounds for me on my main board. I'm really used to the UI by now, and can get sounds I want easily. However, I also use (on my main board) a Korg SDD-3000 for crisp delays/the Edge thing and a Pigtronix Echolution 2 Filter Pro as well (fatter delays, slap, unique shimmer and filter sounds), and would not want to be without them.

I use a Boss DD-500, Pigtronix Echolution 2 Standard, and Red Panda context on my small board.

I've had my eye on GFI stuff for years and think it sounds great, but Strymon does seem to have a slightly wider variety of algorithms, which I dig.
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Meris Polymoon for delays, BigSky for reverbs, Specular Tempus for special sauce layering (either extra delay or extra reverb on top of the polymoon/bigsky). It's definitely overkill but I love this setup and the flexibility it provides.


Nemesis delays are great, but the real star is the Ventris. Dual reverb engines...? yes please. Can't get washier than that!


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I use a line 6 (HX stomp) for delays, and Digitech for reverb. I have owned a big sky at one point, but since I rarely use reverb I sold it. It sounded wonderful though.

My church's pedal board is a timeline and boss rv-6.


I've got an HX Stomp as the core of my board which is a Metro 16 so it handles the lion's share of all effect and amp/cab duties. It handles all the delay, and 90% of the reverb. I have a Neunaber Seraphim (Expanse series verison) that runs a plate algorithm in the loop for reverb on some patches, but most of the time I need all six blocks for everything else (including reverb block which can be conveniently controlled via expression wheel or snapshots). In the few patches that I don't need all 6 blocks I run the loop as a block with the Neunaber in it.

It most certainly sounds better imo than any of the patches on the HX Stomp, but having to have so many separate components to make it as controllable as I need it to be make it not practical for anything but simple patches where an individual effect's quality can shine at one specific setting.

I don't think the HX Stomp has amazing delays or reverbs, but I do think they are very good and can hold their own for people wanting small setups. I also think they are good enough that if you have a floor there is no need for other outboard effects unless you have your own roadie to haul your gear for you. Especially on the Helix, where there's more processing power and the blocks available are widely opened up compared to the Stomp, you can make some great reverb sounds by combining blocks in a mixture of series and parallel to get sounds you would not be able to get out of other reverb pedals.

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