P&W Players: what’s your delay/Reverb of choice?

Which company are you using for delay/Reverb?

  • Strymon (duh)

    Votes: 25 23.6%
  • GFI

    Votes: 4 3.8%
  • Line 6

    Votes: 8 7.5%
  • Source Audio

    Votes: 23 21.7%
  • Boss

    Votes: 15 14.2%
  • Empress

    Votes: 7 6.6%
  • Other (reply)

    Votes: 24 22.6%

  • Total voters


Forgot to chime in on reverb side... just sold my blue sky planning on a meris mercury 7 in the new year. Also going to try to downsize into a metro16. Major retooling after about a year of fairly stable board lineup.


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I’m somewhat in the “Other” camp. I have an AnalogMan ARDX20 dual delay for my main analog delay and a Boss DD-5 for digital & other stuff. Both can be sync’d to tempo. My reverb is a Strymon Blue Sky, but I am debating on swapping it out for a Ventris soon.


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My favorite after trying just about everything was the Eventide stuff; Timefactor, Space, H9. I wanted to shrink my P&W rig so they got replaced with a Helix and then an HX Stomp. I still have a Memory Lane Jr. and DD-5 which are, to me, stomp box standards.
I have been using a Neunaber Immerse Mk. II, Carbon Copy and a Flashback Mini for a while. I don't really even use delay all that much other than for a tiny bit of echo that's always on, and sometimes I leave it off. Reverb is always on.

I could probably play every worship set we do with a distortion pedal and a tuner, though.


I keep a Topanga set to "Surf & Destroy", and an Echo Puss with the modulation barely on. I roll the delay time knob with my shoe between slapback and generic lead sound.
Neither are "usually on" and they're never on together.


I use a Nemesis for delay, and have used an RV6 for the past few years for reverb. Gonna try out an Immerse next week and will see if it feels worth the switch.


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Empress Echosystem and Empress Reverb user hear, both have been great. I don't own any Strymon or JHS pedals, I like them, but I like to choose what I want, versus following the crowd.


DD-20 was the first delay I ever bought. Been through all the standards and ended up back with the DD-20 (alongside a MLjr) for the last two-ish years.

Reverb-wise I'm similar. Owned most of the big boys for a bit with the Flint as the side and finally landed on the realization that the Flint is more that adequate to be my sole reverb!

By all means I had fun with he fancy-er stuff, but $$$-needs required going to the MLjr-->DD-20-->Flint setup and once I started focusing more on playing/making stuff, I found that I didn't really have a need for anything else!


Are you seriously denying the guys like Pope, Hislop, Hendroff and Kunde don’t drive the P&W gear market?

I play p&w but don’t know who any of those guys are.

I didn’t know any of them by name until I joined here, and I’ve been playing for a long time. Still don’t care who they are, I use what I like.

Never heard of them, but I’m sure they set trends among those who care about it. Looks like I’m not the only one.
I don’t follow guys like that, in any sense of the word.

I lead worship in my church, and play in an unaffiliated worship band as well. Have for years, and probably three times their age, so get off my lawn, too.

DD7, DM2W, or Deep Blue Delay depending on which board and acoustic or electric.

TCE Nova Reverb on acoustic.

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