P90 Comparison - Gibson, Tyson, Lollar Alnico Pole


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I was looking to move this new CS Junior I picked up more towards some sorta Jazzmastery tones, so grabbed a Lollar Alnico Pole P90 - the previous owner had put in a Tyson Toneworks '57 Wraptail, and also sent the stock Gibson P90, so I thought it was my civic duty to compare the three of them.

Amp/guitar/pedal settings the same for all three.

Differences are subtle, but I did find I preferred the Lollar a bit. I actually thought the Gibson was a bit warmer than the Tyson, and between those two, I'd probably stick with that.

Anyway... thought it might be useful to someone sometime. It's pretty brief. You can jump between sounds using the time links in the description.

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