P90-sized Humbuckers

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  1. lankybass

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    Oct 11, 2010
    West Monroe, Louisiana
    I have a 60s Tribute Gibson Les Paul with P90s (w/o dogears). I'm not the biggest fan of the neck pickup and would like to exchange it for a humbucker. The only thing is I'd like to avoid having to drill holes in the body in any way if at all possible. I've heard of P100s and H90s.. I'm not sure what either of those are or if they're worth it. What about Gibson's mini-humbuckers? Any suggestions at all are welcome. Thanks
  2. Jim Collins

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    Jan 4, 2002
    Pleasanton, CA
    Minihumbuckers will fit, just fine, though you will probably have to drill holes in the pickup cavity,to accommodate the mounting screws. These holes will not be visible, though. The height adjustment screws that you see on mini-hums are also the mounting screws. In this respect, they mount much like a vintage Tele neck pickup. I installed a set of min-hums (Lollar) in my PRS McSoapie (now called my McMini), and I love them. If I wanted to go back to Soapbars, I could do it in an instant, and you'd never know the guitar had sported anything but Soapbars.

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