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Paint, Or Not To Paint


It's definitely doable as a DIY project, but be aware you'll make mistakes and it probably won't be 100%. The Les Paul refinish I occasionally show off on here looks pretty good, but I stripped it back to the wood twice and burned through dozens of cans on lacquer before I was happy with it!

On the plus side, there's no binding, on the minus side set necks are harder to handle.

I'd watch a lot of videos first, and think through each step carefully so you're never in the position of trying to think something through whilst there's wet lacquer on the guitar. If yoy make a mistake stop and figure out what you have to do to fix it. Making mistakes and learning from them is part of the experience so don't take it too hard when it happens, just take a step back and figure out you're next move.

Prep the guitar meticulously first, get the wood so you think it's perfect then spray a quick coat and look for all the little sanding scratches you missed. If the wood isn't prepped well, you won't stand a chance of getting a good finish so better take the time early on than decide after two weeks spraying you're going to have to start again.

Don't worry about buffing - you can get a great looking finish with a sanding block, an old t-shirt and a polishing compound. You just wet sand up to 1200 grit then get stuck in with the polishing cloth and it'll come up to a nice gloss.

Last rule, start a thread on it and post regular updates!
Hand polishing out 1200 grit wet sand on hard lacquer? Good luck. Block Sand 1000,1500 to 2000 and buff with a foam pad. Stay off those edges! Cut compound first then a finishing(finesse it) compound. More expense on fine papers and compounds. And people complain about finishing prices lol. Ditch the spray cans you’re buying mostly lacquer thinner. Get a trim gun and some pints of material.
oh yea. More expense lol.


I'd pack it up and send it to Black Diamond guitars to spray. He does a lot of Korina work and has the right MOE: materials, operator and equipment. Save yourself the hassle and enjoy a nice paint job for the long haul.

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